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Albert Barkley's Rules That a Student Can Follow to Secure Best Grades In the Assignments

Rules That a Student Can Follow to Secure Best Grades In the Assignments

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Secure Best Grades In AssignmentsBest grades are achieved in assignment writing when you are able to make the professor happy and work according to the instructions. Sometimes there are guidelines given with the assignment which if followed properly, can be very helpful in writing the assignment. Assignment writing has some general principles and some basic rules which must be followed to secure maximum marks. If you are one of those students who are always on the lookout for improvement and who always want to improve their work, follow the rules as cited below.

Basic Assignment writing Rules to follow to Secure Best Grades:

Where assignment writing has a different set of strategies to follow based on the subject you are writing for, these general rules and guidelines can help you along the way:

Do Not Procrastinate:

Leaving work to tomorrow or later for no apparent reason is not a good approach towards academic work. Students should develop the habit of doing their work first thing. If you leave your work to collect dust, not only you will have lots of pending work later on you will also be making a very bad impact on the quality of your work. When the work is left for a long time, it is forgotten about and sometimes you end up hitting the deadline without assignment submission. So, as soon as you get an assignment to write, in order to write it well, start working from today!

Research before Writing:

Experts suggest that if you research well before you begin the assignment writing, and you gather enough content to answer the question you have in hand, you will end up getting good marks. When you begin writing your assignment without research, you take many breaks during the work. When you take breaks, your focus diverts. You also waste a lot of time when you pause in the middle of the work. So, prepare well and save yourself from the waste of time and end up with good quality assignments.

Keep a Track of Time:

As soon as you start working on your lengthy assignment, you need to give yourself a targeted time. If there’s a target, you will try to achieve it and you will not take a lot of time as well in writing the assignment. If you are given a week to complete an assignment, you don’t necessarily have to wait until the end of the week to finish it, do it soon, do it fast and you will write better quality assignments. Get help from The Academic Papers UK if you feel things going hectic.

Understand the Aims and Objectives:

Understanding what the objective behind a specific question is can help you a lot too in getting best grades in the assignment. When you know what the professor is looking for in the assignment, you will be able to give them just that. It is important to focus on the question and find out which skills are focused in the assignment. In every assignment, there is always an aim behind it; the professor must want you to work on a specific skill by solving the problem in the assignment. Paying a little attention to that before starting the assignment can get you there.

No Room for Copied Work:

The assignment is given to you and the professor wants to see what you have to do about the given assignment problem. In your assignment writing, there is no room for copied work or plagiarism. If you need support or inspiration, you can read the course book or the chapters for the specific problem. If you are going to find answers online, you must do that carefully. You should know rephrasing and summarize for that. In order to save yourself from plagiarism in your assignment, if you really want to include something in your assignment that you read online, practice rephrasing. That way you will first understand what is written and then you will write it in your own words, and you will add it to your knowledge for future.

Proofreading Before Submitting:

Proofreading an assignment is of crucial value for good quality assignment writing. We leave embarrassing mistakes in our assignments and we have no idea about them unless we proofread them. Submitting assignments without proofreading is very risky and can take a few marks away from the assignments.

Writing good quality assignments is possible every time you get an assignment. At first keeping a track of everything takes some practice and time but you can be quick and work faster once you get enough practice. Good quality assignments will always get you best grades if you follow the rules!

Meet Univention: Linux Alternative To Windows Domain Controller


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Torsten, To reply to a post, you create a new "status update" and then click on the "reply to a site" link under the update box. You can put the URL for the post/page you're replying into the box and it will send a webmention to that site to notify them (they'll need to support receiving webmentions to get it), otherwise you can ping them via social media or some other channel. I often find it easier to use the bookmarklet at from my browser toolbar to create quick replies, likes, bookmarks, posts, etc. directly from the page I'm interacting with.

Known has lots of options for various configurations to allow you either personal sites, group sites, schoolwide sites, or all of the above. If you're a developer, you can delve into the code directly and play around. If you're not a developer or for ideas about what you could do and configurations for large and small groups, I'd recommend you contact the company directly at: for details, options, plans, etc. There's also a Known developer Google Group if you're looking for particular ideas or help:!forum/known-dev.

This particular sandbox is something I set up as a playground primarily for independent users who are in the broader space (, so it's not necessarily geared toward an academic use per-se,though much of my work is closely related to the education market. This particular site is not fully configured for all the social media channels (yet) nor does it have all of the community plugins and functionality I'd like it to. My personal Known site with a lot more of the plugins ( and options is at, though because it's locked down for just my use, you can't create an account like you could here.

Torsten, If you were doing it for your own class, I'd recommend setting up your own instance as an admin and having your students join that with individual accounts. Then all the class interaction would be occurring in a stream, much like it is here at Another example I'm aware of is